Who Needs The Service

A startup that wants to develop an AI prototype for its project to raise funds or secure partnerships

Investors who want to do AI due diligence on startups before investing


A company that wants to work on an AI project to measure interest before launching a large-scale project or hiring a costly in house team.

Multi sectors. Several activities already addressed: Finance - Healthcare, IOT ...


No need to manage expensive internal resources or complicated recruitment processes

Use data scientists as a service. No need to pay if you no longer need them

Teams of data scientists already recruited by Lozard following a rigorous process and based in North America


Data scientists capable of developing an AI prototype in less than 2 months

These projects are R&D projects which are often eligible for tax credit or government funding. Our partners can manage this process for you



Contact us to tell us about your project. We will get back to you within 24 hours

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